Hugo Maillard is a household name in French skateboarding. His abilities and flow came to light years ago as a teen. His natural gift quickly escalated when he entered the dark alleys of uncharted tricks and skating strictly for fun (which is usually fine for everyone unless you could switch flip Krook dat rail and then people demand you do that either & « take things seriously »). At the peak of his powers, he (un)consciously focused on skating with his Rennes mates (the best) doing local vids and mad loling, with little to no regard for any other factor. His aptitude and attitude grew him into the mysterious sexy boy legend he is now, for valid reasons. CHECK THIS EVIDENCECHECK THAT AS WELLAND CLICK HERE TOO

We have supported Hugo for years as he clearly is le man and used to link up with him until a few years ago when he moved to Bruxelles and kinda quit skating for a while. Last year he hit me up saying he was into skating again, and had been really stoked on playing the piano. He sent me samples, and I first thought they were some inspirations, until I realized he had composed and played them himself. What a godamn Genius. He said he would dream to make a proper recording on a proper piano, I said would dream to see a new part of him to promote his first piano album and his proper comeback to skating via Magenta. We quickly found ourselves on a mutual journey of love, understanding and « do you know anyone with a sick piano in a dope sounding room for cheap? » which has led us today to the proud release of NI LE MATIN – NI L’APRÈS-MIDI Hugo’s introducing vinyl piano EP. 31 minutes of keyboard chillness available now on the webstore or Bandcamp.

You can hear a 45 sec sample of the album at the start of Hugo’s new part
How you think Hugo recorded his album
How it actually happened

Hugo’s part was filmed and edited by longtime friend Louis Deschamps.

Photos by Louis Deschamps

Text by Vivien Feil