It’s no secret we love Japanese skateboarding since we found out about their skate scene over 10 years ago. The passion they have for skateboarding and the culture is all the more impressive since Japan is no hippy island, quite the opposite. It’s a very strict place with a thin margin of tolerance for young adults making a lifestyle of ganging up in public and private property with an intent to reinterpret urban rules on a skateboard. Tatoos, drinking in public & herbal relief are not huge there either. And yet Japan has one of the most dedicated and active scene there is in skateboarding. We did many trips and projects in Japan before and we always keep an eye or two on Japanese skateboarding. We have been in touch with Yokohama’s fastest son Shogo Zama for a minute via our faithful Japanese distro Kukunochi Corp who helps tremendously with communication since Shogo isn’t yet the most prolix english speaker. We finally flew Shogo over to Paris last summer to get to know his soul. His splendide composure and great manners didn’t save his phone from being stolen within 2 days, but he won our hearts in about that timeline. Shogo is reserved by western standards yet assertive and gifted at skateboarding by anyone standards. Superbly adaptable with the eye of a sensei to find lines and skate impossibly tight tranny, he kept us very entertained during his stay in town, which is the exact skill set we are looking for at the moment. Behold SHOGO ZAMA intro part filmed by our friend Romain « Tech Support » Batard:



Où est Shogo?


We look forward to travel some more with Shogo and bring back more evidence of his flow mastery as soon as these crazy times get better. In the meantime, stay safe friends, and enjoy the video.

Skate shots by Richard Hart (overlord of Push Magazine checkit)
Portrait by Benjamin Deberdt (LIVE SKATE MEDIA)
Bla bla by Vivien Feil