Morgan Campbell – Forever Young

New part from the ever greener Australian OG Morgan Campbell to celebrate the release of his pro board.

We start the New Year with a VX postcard from Australian OG Morgan Campbell to celebrate the release of his PAPER CUT Pro Board, celebrating 4 decades of crushing it on a skateboard with a smile. Filmed in Melbourne by Fisheye Lord Josh Roberts, the vid features Morg’s skate feats as well as his collage art and friends, including Down South Agent Casey Foley & New Australian Immigrant Glen Fox:

Artwork by Soy Panday – available in skateshops in sizes 8 & 8.25

Morgan has been a force in Australian skateboarding since the early 90’s, being part of a group of travelling Ozzies that introduced Australian skateboarding to the world. Morg’s skateboarding has evolved from his youthful stuntman handrail-pioneering days to more of a slappy-fueled approach, however, his love and enthusiasm for skateboarding remains that of an 11 years old on Christmas Eve. The man just loooves skating. This sustained level of infectious positivity normally exists only in the mind of Californian motivational speakers and is truly something to behold. Here is a great recap of Morgan’s skating over the years:

Young Buck Wallie

Listen to Morg’s latest podcast appearance from last month for a sweet taste of the man’s smooth voice and mind.

Grass Ride to 180 switch krook

There is little doubt Mr Campbell will keep serving Australia the stoke for years to come, and hopefully we’ll have the pleasure of having him back in Europe soon.

Big Up to Josh Roberts for the angles

Photography by Leigh Barlow

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