The first drop of our SPRING Apparel is now available, coming from Hollywood with a detour thru French Cinema

Hard to fathom how insanely skilled the dance moves in this scene are. 4 hours in, we realized
« Sorry boss, it’s spaghetti again for dinner tonight »

Si ça, ce n’est pas de l’amour…

This season introduces the lama heavy KNIT PERU CREWNECK, our first knit piece release of peruvian proportions.

Our OG PANTS & LOOSE PANTS revisited with contrasting stitching and a new GREEN wash that is very great to conceal stains and general poor maintenance.

The OXFORD longsleeve shirt in a 4 color combo for maximum slay, and two gentler options

The new SWING and CHESS DENIM JACKETS, with two-ways zippers and generally excellent finish

New top shelf graphics, tees, hoodies and more, to peep on the webstore alongside lookbook shots, technical details and size charts.

All of our garment is Made in Europe, and is made to offer both comfort (using our custom designed baggy fits) and durability (double and triple stitching for pants, heavy wear-tested fabrics…) because skateboarding.

Hardest ref if you ain’t French. Pretty easy if you are and over 35

We ship within 24 hours of your purchase using fast and reliable shipping companies, and we take back faulty items upon return. Safe operations around here.

BONUS: First 5 people to identify all references and message them to us on insta might get something…

Photos by Clement Harpillard